VPN 360 - Unlimited VPN Proxy 앱 리뷰

the best

great vpn

Cancel subscription

I am reporting this business to the BBB. I have tried to unsubscribe and have written them about my request and no one is responding!!!! I haven’t used their services since April and I’m still getting charged!!


It is excellent when I want to use American apps when I was in China.

VPN 360

Excellent! I have been using this app for 1 month and it runs very well


‘Tis’ cool


Real easy just one touch on the screen and I am secure.

its amazing

i love it its do with every app its soo greate awsome

what d hell?

its ok that the app stops working from time to time and you need to turn it on again. but the the app stops suddenly? what gives? what d hell?


Unfortunately this app does not cover certain areas in the world therefore does work for me in those regions

Cant trust

I used this app for more security of my wifi. While I had this on, my wife suddenly didnt work and I figured out 51 invaders were in my wifi all at once!!!?? Wth????? I turned it off and everything back to normal. And I just deleted this scam spy. Who knows they take your infos? Cant trust anybody or any apps these days. Crooks here and there! A lot of users with good reviews doesnt mean always the truth! So upsetting and disappointed! I was being very careful and picky but still it just happened to know I failed to find a real good one.



This app fye

I like it

Fast and Stable

In comparison to other free VPNs this one is a lit better and works fast and stable even in iran.

Prime video sniffed it out immediately

Got free trial to see if I could play movies on Amazon Prime videos from Cabo San Lucas. It let me start one, afterwards it required to kill the VPN in settings. Glad I didn’t buy.

Great app

I use this app to bypass school WiFi restrictions everyday it’s amazing💯😝😏

It’s good

It’s works for me well

App steals account info

I’m giving the app 2 stars for speed and reliability. But i did attempt logging into an account yesterday while on a secure network using this VPN only to receive a notification that someone requested a password reset for that account. Someone is watching/stealing traffic off of the server. What else are you people stealing?

Good download-upload speed, does not use data

I tried this app after reading the reviews because people often never say to turn off your data when creating reviews like these, I used the app speed net to test how much speed this gives you and it’s 43-42 download speed mbs Again 43-42 upload speed, no package loss. I’m a highschooler and it worked passed my school WiFi, now I can use the internet, x-vpn does the same thing, Technically I was able to use this vpn Undetected in a game Whose.net shows this vpn doesn’t use: Proxy Does not anonymize your data so your IP address and says ip is easy detected Sometimes use your data, first time I check was 5mb, I don’t remember when I check last time but it then gone through 72mb. The only reason why ya are complaining about data is because the WiFi shuts off your internet but doesn’t disconnected because it detected vpn, just go to settings and Reenable wifi and select that WiFi you were trying to use, obviously you should’ve seen LTE/3g were the WiFi icon appears




This app is so fluid. I love using it. The perfect fit.


Works perfectly ... love it ... use it for school

I recommend it

Good vpn


You are so reliable 👍🏾

Best VPN - strongly recommended

It never fails you! It always ensures your protected connection!

It’s sooo easy





This is the best thing ever it’s free and fast.


good lik❤️

Cannot cancel subscription

Cannot cancel my subscription!!! Make no sense!!

awesomeness privat!

vry xclnt 4 stealth adventuring the interwebs. go spidey go!

Great vpn

This is the best one

The best VPN

I introduce this vpn to all of my freinds. It’s very fast & doesn’t your connection. TNX a lot.


رائع جداً



Awesome 👌

Wonderful, fell in love with this awesome app, great and nice job, extremely appropriated❤️❤️❤️


Frey neyss


This is a stable app that very good

Rlly good

This is nice





Best VPN

I have used this for over a year now and I can honestly say that it has never failed me while using it. The service provided by this app is stupendous

Didn’t work

I downloaded the app since a friend recommended it to me, but it didn’t work at all. Wouldn’t recommend it

Do not do it - run do not walk

Paid for ad free they sneak the ads in. Every device including tv siezed up when this vpn is open on my phone. Do not touch with proverbial 10 foot pole.


It doesn’t get around a firewall if ur not using WiFi. Drains ur data when not connected to WiFi. My school doesn’t give u WiFi therefore this app does not work and drains data


Great reliable service


那该多好 啊阿啊


Works really well and can use it free. It has relatively fast connection speeds and never bugs out on me! Really recommend!




I love this app so much 😍



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