VPN 360 - Unlimited VPN Proxy App Reviews

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I have been using this app since a year now buy there are a few problems it usually doesn’t work when you are outside

用了好久 很好

平时看ins youtube等等很好用啦

Wifi problem

Hello ! It doesn't work when wifi is on If you have an update Please fix it Thank you

Please help

It doesn’t work when I open it it say network error i try to open it but i doesn’t open this is my fav app please help me and make it work 💗


The app not working i dont now why


It’s not working for iPhone 7 now. I am try to run the application last three days.

Smooth vpn

Friendly interface. Easy to use.

Best vpn ever

This vpn always connects really fast and I can do what ever I want with out it ever lagging



Best VPN app I’ve had

Our school WiFi is really good with kicking us off when a VPN is on, so I’ve tried at least three apps before and none of them worked. This is the only app that’s actually worked with the school WiFi without kicking me off, and now I can stream Netflix at school. Thank you so much🙏


My school always blocks all social media like Snapchat, instagram etc. So I figured I could just use a VPN to get around this. I tried multiple different apps with them all being very slow. Most of them 1 mb/s. Then I tried this app and was getting speeds over 40 mb/s and at first I thought, “man this is impressive, some paid services can’t even do this”. But as time went on I became more suspicious if I was really using WiFi. Maybe, Just maybe this app was using my data. Turns out I was right 2 weeks later I get a text from my mobile service provider(at&t) with a message stating,”you have used 75% of your data”. Then I think to myself,”THERE NO WAY”. So I did what every frustrated person who data was almost gone would do, I checked how much I had used. It said I had used 7 GIGS OF DATA! I never use this much. Then I check my cellular data settings on my phone and it said VPN 360 had used 6 GB of data! How could this be I’m always on WiFi with this VPN. Then I thought,”this app must just be using my data, not WiFi.”. This must be how it gets those speeds around 40 mb/s. That is is why I wrote this, to let people know this app is a bunch of bull crap. It doesn’t use you WiFi at all it just eats up your mobile data even you think you using WiFi. Thank you for reading and I hope this deters anyone from making the mistake of using this disgusting app!

Review for 360

This is a very great app because it helps unblock things I need for free with a trial.

Wheres My Money

Canceled my subscription before my free week was up & still i was charged 13.05. The service connection is horrible it doesn't work.

It's not working

It was working until just yesterday but now it's not

Very good so fast!

Very good so fast!

Does its job perfectly

This app does its job perfectly and helps me use public networks better

Another satisfied customer

Awesome app with many great features.

Superb but glitching

The app is amazing but rite now I am unable to open the app. I tried deleting the app and downloading again but it still doesn’t work on my iPhone


This is the best vpn, I’ve ever used.

Uses up so much data

The whole point of me getting this vpn was so I could use apps on the school WiFi and not use up all my data. Just using this for 2 days I went through a gigabyte of data. Not worth it at all.

What A Great App!!!

This app is amazing!!! It really does work and make your connection a lot faster! I’m truly pleased and love this app!!!


I can’t open The app!!!! Still freezing

Very good.



It’s a VPN


its the best

VPN 360

Great VPN, for Iranian users, I love it, with no disconnection and very fast connection..tnx VPN 360👌👌👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️


This app gave my iPad aids

Worked for a while

I loved using this app in high school so that I could use the wifi and all of my apps while not using data. After about 5 months of using it, I looked at what apps were using the most of my data and it had used 7.8 GB. I was surprised because this app is supposed to allow full access to wifi, but it was using my data while I was connected to wifi all day. I turned data access off to that app and now it doesn’t turn on when i’m connected to wifi. It used to be way to use but now I have to buy extra GB this month because this app used so much.


this vpn actually works


Good asfffff bless this app ugh

It was good while it lasted...

I downloaded the app and found it quite useful but it was slow so I bought the yearly subscription and it helped a lot but after couple of days I was unable to connect so I am not sure what happened

Awesome app!

It connected instantly!

Dont work at iran

Vpn360 is the beast vpn but it cant run in iran. Please help us to use them

This is a great VPN to use would use any other

This VPN is not only free it also is very useful

Best vpn

Soo good

The best

Really good internet connection even when I used the this vpn app

Very pleased

seems to work well. very pleased.


It reallllllly helps so I can get better wifi on things that font get much wifi! Thanks

Best VPN for iPhone users

Hello guys, this is the best and most easy to use VPN. No bugs fast n reliable Try it out n hit the 5 stars


Me encanta pero un poco lento

Best for speed

My internet was slow including my data(sprint). But now my phone is the fastest in the house


VPN 360 helps me when on that horrible school WiFi especially when trying to use social media

Can’t Download

Why Can’t I Download it on iPad??


I bought a year subscription, but it doesn’t work. It was ok in the beginning, now it doesn’t work at all.


This app is amazing, period.

Kaethe Schaefer

This is pretty good 👌🏼

VPN 360

This app is the best, it’s let you free wi-fi


Had great hopes for this app, so I could feel more secure on public WiFi systems. But it won’t let me connect and questions—through the app—to support remain unanswered.

Look at iran😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Please support iran, it's weak

love it!!

im a student in high school and the previous most popular vpn got blocked, but this is SOOO much better than the old one too! connects SO fast and doesn’t do that annoying thing where it stays on forever.

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